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The Community Mapping website is a tool for young people to use to find youth friendly services, businesses and things to do in their local area!

The Community Mapping project started in autumn 2016. The Community Foundation for Ireland’s YPP (Youth Participation Panel) came up with the idea to provide real time information for young people to help them utilise the services that are already provided in their locality. The YPP found that while there were services available to young people in the areas such as mental health, employment and education often young people were unaware of these services or felt they weren’t youth friendly.

In order to tackle this issue The CommunityFoundation for Ireland provided funding to three youth organisations to create community maps for their local areas. For the last 9 months these three youth organisations have brought together local young people to create community maps and showcase them through this website. Since the project started the young people involved have used unique methods to map their local areas that match the uniqueness of their communities. Methods such as ‘secret shopper’, business canvassing and surveys for local youth have been used to get real information on what’s out there for young people and what services they are actually using and are in need of.

The Community Foundation for Ireland has been providing grants to youth organisations since its inception in 2000, but since 2015 has created a dedicated Youth Fund, which is managed by the YPP to help solve some of the biggest issues facing young people such as unemployment, mental health and identity. For more information on The Community Foundation for Ireland and the YPP visit

From The Community Foundation for Ireland, the YPP and all the community mappers we hope you enjoy these community maps and use them to discover your local community!

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